Help Us, Help You – Accessing NHS 111 services

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Non-urgent advice: When you think you need A&E, go to 111 online first

Visit NHS 111 Online

NHS 111 can help you right away and, if needed, a healthcare professional will call you.

You can access NHS 111 online by visiting the website

People with life-threatening illnesses or injuries should continue to dial 999.

NHS 111 online makes it easier for patients to get the right advice or treatment.

NHS 111 online can make sure you access the most appropriate service for your health concern. If needed, NHS 111 online can direct you to an urgent treatment centre/walk in centre, emergency dental service, GP, pharmacy or another more appropriate local service.

111 online can tell you:

  • where to get help for your symptoms, if you’re not sure what to do
  • how to find general health information and advice
  • where to get an emergency supply of your prescribed medicine
  • how to get a repeat prescription
Visit NHS 111
Help us Help you by visiting NHS 111 Online first

Non-urgent advice: Check it’s not an emergency

Call 999 now if you have any of these:

signs of a heart attack 
pain like a very tight band, heavy weight or squeezing in the centre of your chest

signs of a stroke 
face dropping on one side, can’t hold both arms up, difficulty speaking

tried to end your life 
by taking something or harming yourself

severe difficulty breathing 
not being able to get words out, choking or gasping

heavy bleeding 
spraying, pouring or enough to make a puddle

severe injuries 
after a serious accident

seizure (fit) 
someone is shaking or jerking because of a fit, or is unconscious (can’t be woken up)

sudden, rapid swelling 
of the lips, mouth, throat or tongue

Deaf people can use 18000 to contact 999 using text relay.